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Villa Moon Restaurant

2021 - 2022


No. 248 Rd. Dadou, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Restaurant, History house renovation

Restaurant, young bistrò, coffee and tea bar

Usable Area - 862 sqm

Scope of Forme3's Work

Main Designer

Renewing does not necessarily mean destroying and rebuilding, forgetting what we were and our roots means losing our very identity.

On the basis of these concepts, the small project “Villa Moon”, located along the banks of the Canal, dialogues with the city through modern stylistic lines that nevertheless do not forget the past.

In the global urban language, we speak of the concept: “City of Stone” or all those elements of the city that cannot be eliminated because they are part of the social memory, because they are the only protagonists of the recognition of a place by the people of Hangzhou.

“The space remembers who it was, but the memory is a bit broken up, sometimes it’s just a faint image”, thus the glass facade with traditional wooden panels in the façade overlooking the “modern” city expresses the above concept as if it froze him in an instant.

The courtyard is rediscovered, returning to the original role of internal interaction, typical of the scheme of the traditional house, here respect for the architectural orders remains more rigorous, but the materials are stripped from the layers of paint and decorations of the previous life and return in a rational way to their real nature.

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