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Tederic Headquarters and Production Base

2019 - 2023


Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Headquarters, Office, Exhibition Center


Headquarters consisting of an R&D center with an area of ​​18,000 sqm, with 3 towers: Tower T Client office, Tower T1 and Tower T2.


Land - 33,335 sqm

Usable Area - 75,119 sqm

Scope of Forme3's Work

Main Designer + Construction Management

Tederic Headquarters is designed to find a link between the customer’s identity and the city that hosts him through a connection created by the sloping stylistic lines of the buildings and the design of the master plan.

“Connection” as the theme of the project is the characterization of the routes that cross the Headquarters and connect the project to the symbolic points of the city: the west lake area to the west, the river to the south and east and the remaining industrial area to the north. The goal is to create a “passable” space, that is, a place where interaction, dialogue and emotions are created around the buildings, eliminating the static and “heavy” sense of a project with volumes far from the human scale. 

How to express innovation in the new planning concept? Through light, the use of materials with different levels of refraction and opacity, superimposed on each other as if to transform the project itself into a lighting element, try to respond to the stylistic and physical need to illuminate an area with innovation.

Innovation is technology and respect for the environment, right from the concept stage the project was born with clear strategies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, recycling of materials, use of pollutants.
The rigorous system of the structural mesh and the division into geometric modules of the whole project represent an expressive strategy of the city today dedicated only to industrial development.

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