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Physis New Production Base in Beilun

2020 - Under Construction


Equipment Industrial Park, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


Headquarters, Office, Industrial park


Headquarters consisting of two blocks for productions with total area of 46505 sqm


Land - 16,665 sqm

Usable Area - 48,345 sqm


Roberto Pellino Architect

Scope of Forme3's Work

Consulting on Design Developmet and Design Management

The production parts lose the typical regular shape that characterizes the classic industrial poles, becoming massive natural elements, such as “clod” portions of land that separate from the surface and move upwards with proportions and dimensions dictated by internal functionality. Massive expression, here, is the aim of the expression of the design that is enhanced by the unique facades of exposed concrete and etched glass.

The body of the central offices tries to create a “microcosm” dedicated to work and which overlooks the internal part of the project, characterized by terraced gardens and a park on the roof.

An innovative eco-friendly concept of industrial architecture that is expressed through sliding polycarbonate panels that allow the filtering and control of sunlight, a double facade of the offices that significantly increases the energy efficiency of the work, and the green roofs of the office areas that allow the user to breathe nature even in the production site that creates innovation.customer’s identity, the building loses the soul of the craftsmanship and becomes a product of the engineering and industrial tradition.

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