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Comgin Zhejiang Hospital Renovation

2019 - Under Construction


Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Hospital, private clinic, renovation building


Renovation of the hospital complex: patient room, ward floor, lobby, reorganization of entrances, facade and landscape.


Usable Area - 40,200 sqm

Scope of Forme3's Work

Main Designer

Over the millennia, philosophers, scientists, writers and doctors have provided us with a detailed analysis of the meaning of the word “Health”. The father of the aphorism, Hippocrates, wrote “medical” aphorisms investigating the natural causes of the disease and providing precepts and rules for healthy living.

Our way of talking about the concept of “health” arises through the concept of the shape of space that responds to human needs. The starting point of the project was to find these basic concepts, to understand technically how certain spaces can contribute to increasing the level of health of the user who experiences the project.

Hence the shapes of the space dedicated to patients, the room conceived as a private and welcoming space with a selection of colors and materials that recall “home” and offer maximum comfort. The common areas, designed as multifunctional adaptable to the different activities of the structure. The cladding of the facade, designed to improve the performance of the building itself but at the same time guarantee adequate and healthy lighting of the rooms.

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