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Allied 1611



Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Headquarters, Office, Exhibition center


Headquarters office consisting of 3 buildings


Land - 16,667.5 sqm
Usable Area - 50,000 sqm

Scope of Forme3's Work

Main Designer

In the particular historical period of economic development of the city of Hangzhou, its industrial areas in the last 20 years have been the driving force of the economy and technological development of the Zheijiang province. Many of the companies born from the passion of local entrepreneurs, today are internationally renowned groups in the global economic and financial market. The role of the designer in the regeneration process of these areas also includes an understanding of the historical and political dynamics of the city, the question arises: “How will we tell future generations about this part of the city?”

Based on this question, the Allied 1611 project transmits stories and emotions to future generations that derive from the old industrial area of the city where technological and economic development has acquired international fame. This happens through the materials, the colors, the surfaces of the project itself.

The “black” raw steel as an expressive identity of industrial development, the elements of the structure such as the bracing, the bolted joints, the jolts and twists of the building volume, as an expression of engineering technological development. People must not forget what we were, and the project recalls this with the play of “horizontal” proportions, typical of industrial buildings and “vertical”, typical of financial areas, creating two sides of the project that tell the historical transition period of the city.

In this project, innovation is technology and respect for the environment, orienting the bodies of the buildings to ensure maximum exposure to light and equipping the buildings with glass with solar cells and a garden roof.

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